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Services We Offer 


Short Term Signals.


2 to 8 Signals per day.


Telegram Live alerts.


Almost 90% Accuracy.


1500 to 3500 Pips per month.


3 Take profits
per signal.


No manual


Asia, London & USA Times.


Signals for Currencies & Gold.


Risk management advice.

Our Partnered Brokers

It is important when you start actively trading that you use an FCA, Cysec & Asic regulated brokers. At GSM we are partnered with the best brokers on the globe. We have built an excellent relationship with them and in return all of our clients get access to their premium trading educational services. 

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Why us?

There is more to trading than earning profits!  Having a real understanding of how trading really works is crucial. Our goal is mentor you until you are confident enough to trade on your own and are able to use current events that have affects on the market to your advantage so you can place trades accordingly.  

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3 Easy Steps  



Direct message or click the buttons to start trading. Simply fill in your information and a mentor will get back to you within 24 hours. 



There are a range of courses and online seminars that you will have access to.  One of the team will assign you a personal mentor from the our partnered broker who will support you in your trading journey.  



Whether you would prefer a demo or real trading account, we will give you access to our partnered FCA regulated brokers, in house premium services to get you earning and learning. 

Meet our Influencers

"Your salary is a bribe they give you to forget your dreams" - GSM Trading Quote of the Year 


Questions and Answers

How do I access the trial?

Click the sign up button and enter your details, one of the team will message you within 24 hours and give you access to GSM Trading Group's trial.

How do I actaully earn profit from trading?

Earning profit from trading is not false, there are many traders all over the world making profit on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis. As long as you have right support in terms of the correct trading education and regulated broker that you can trust, the trading floor awaits you!

Do I need any experince to be able to be a successful trader?

Experinced traders start from somewhere? They are not born with trading skills they learn and earn they way to profiting. It is important for you to understand that with patience and the drive to keep learning the forex markets, whether its with GSM, Youtube, other online courses, that you stay consistent. Consistency is key!

Why is trading becoming popular online?

Trading Forex can be a perfect way to earn some extra money as prepared and experienced traders should farewell and be able to profit from their exchanges. The large time window of the currency market's trading sessions makes it much easier to have a job in addition to trading Forex on the side.


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